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Will dropping a class for a W count on my GPA (last day to drop is monday!)

So i am taking a caribbean history class and we just got our midterm back which counts as half of our grade and i got a 31/50 for a C.  In order to make an a- you need an 85 so im basically guaranteed to be in the B range even if i really turn things around.  However, i cant even really afford a B because my undergrad gpa is a 3.32 and my lsac gpa is a 3.03 (2 f's fall freshamn year).  In addition, im really busy all the time with junior level accounting work so devoting alot of time to this class for little reward, or little punishment, seems illogical.  I have 13 other credits this semester which i have grades of all A's in throug midterms, i just didnt take this class seriously enough and was suprised.  I dont want to kill a 3.9+ semester gpa unless i have to, especially since it is my first year out of community college at a respectable business school (suny albany).
But, ive been doing a little bit of reading and found that the lsac may or may not count this W as an F on my transcript.  They say that if it is "non-punitive at my school then it will not hurt me.  I guess this means that if it doent hurt my undergrad gpa then it wont hurt my lsac gpa?  This is kind of wierd to me since the 2 differ on acedmic forgiveness for f's in undergrad school:/  Does this just reffer to weather or not i dropped the class in time for a W, for example if i drop it after monday then it goes down as a f at my school i think (ive never dropped a class ever).  Or do they really just adopt the undergrad schools policies even thoguh everyone is coming from different schools with probably different policies?
Sorry if i rambled and thanks for reading
-john levine

W should equal a neutral impact on GPA. It should be as if you didn't take it at all.

U's tend to be the ones that bite you in the but, those and WX. Normally those are when you just quit showing up or tried to withdrawl too late though.