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Anybody here attending California Southern University?

Anybody here attending California Southern University?
« on: October 28, 2010, 09:35:57 PM »
I've been looking around at online law schools in California and there seems to be a fair amount of information about ALU, Concord, Taft and NWU but almost nothing about CSU. Anybody have any experience with this school? Their tuition is very affordable and its one of the most attractive things about it. Since I would like to establish a immigration solo practice targeted mainly at family petitions, the type of school I attend will most certainly not matter as long as I pass the bar exam. If anyone out there is attending or planning to attend this school, please share your experience. Thank you.

Re: Anybody here attending California Southern University?
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I attended California Southern for a year.  You buy your own caselaw books and there are assignments.  It's required to respond to questions on the discussion board.  Some of their mentors are retired attorneys.  Other mentors are practicing attorneys.  In my opinion, none of the mentors respect the students. And, at least one of them gave me bad advice.  He told me that when briefing a case, I am supposed to come up with my own conclusion.  But, we all know that when you brief a case, the conclusion is the court's holding and judgment.   But, then again, I was only with the school for a year.

The curriculum is not up to par with a brick and mortar law school.   When I was in law school during the 80s, we had to read at a minimum 400 pages a night.  At California Southern, on the whole we discussed a fraction of the cases and we only had to read around 400 pages per course.

The curriculum, in my opinion, is a watered down version of paralegal training.  Unless you have a lot of experience with legal analysis, you will not pass the First Year Law Students' exam the first time. 

Both times I was in law school (first brick and mortar, then online with California Southern) I ran out of money.  And, I have too many student loans to return to a brick and mortar school again.  So, now I am studying a paralegal course online along with a lower priced online law school.  My final project with this law school is to write a book in an area of case law.

I looked at the pass rate on the California Bar Board of Examiners' website for the First Year Law Students' Exam.  California Southern and the University of Honolulu have one of the worse pass rates.

It appears that you have a little financial wiggle room.  If that is the case, take a look at California Law School and Abraham Lincoln School of Law.  Or, if you can afford it stick with Concord.  But, I remember seeing that for Concord, out of 226 students who sat for the FYLSE, only, I think, 63 passed.