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Has anyone ever returned to law school after dealing with medical/health problem

I was injured in August in a car accident. I suffered a neck injury that required two neck surgeries and I'm currently in a halo brace for the next 4 to 5 months so my neck can heal. I'm hoping to return to my 2L year next year but I'm worried that I will be out of the loop and have diffiiculties returning. Has anyone ever been in a smilar situation.

I was, in undergrad.  It was a structured six-year medical school program, with all in-program classes mapped out in a rigid order.  It was difficult to connect with the people in my "new" class year, since all the cliques had formed already.  I almost certainly would have switched into CS anyway, but that was still a factor.

I think it would be much less of an issue in law school, since 2Ls and 3Ls mix pretty thoroughly in their classes (with some exceptions for the few classes that have prerequisites).  I'm in classes with 2Ls now whom I took through orientation last year, as well as with my 3L peers.

Are you going back in January, or next September?  Either way, you'll still have one year together with your littermates, and can make connections with the kiddies during that time.  Focus on healing now, worry about school when you start again.  I'm betting you'll be fine.

I missed a good chunk of my 2L year due to an injury, and spent the rest of the year on crutches and painkillers, which definitely slowed me down. 

I didn't postpone anything, except taking the exams over the summer, and was able to get back in the swing.  Granted my situation wasn't as serious as yours, but it occurs to me that law school isn't about remembering stuff so much as being in a mindset.  So, assuming you can recover the almost-lawyer mindset, you should be fine.