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So I am finishing up my second year at a junior college and am trying to calculate my current LSAC gpa. Here are my questions:

1. If my college only gives A,B,C,D,F grades and no -/+ will my LSAC gpa be the same as the gpa on my transcript?

2. I have taken four courses that are not UC transferable (I'm a CA resident and plan on attending a UC), will those grades show up on the LSAC gpa?

3. I received two F's my freshman year and had them cleared through academic renewal (I was not a good student my first semester, took a full time job, then returned to school two years later and have received honors since), again, will those F's show up on my LSAC gpa?

Thanks for the help everyone!

All three of your questions can be answered at the same time.  Every course you have taken for a grade (doesn't matter if it won't transfer to UC) counts.  The 2 F's will count for your LSAC gpa and thus will be lower than your school GPA. 

I learned that the hard way.  I went to school in 2000-2002 while working full time.  My last semester I stopped attending classes in October and did not withdrawal.  4 F's tore down my GPA that I built up upon my return to school in 2007

Ahh that's a bummer, thanks for the help though.

I did a semester abroad where the foreign school had alpha, beta etc grades rather than A, B, etc and on a much different scale (a beta was an awesome, a-equivalent grade I think).  Somehow LSAC waved a magic wand and included them.  It also worked to my benefit I think as I ended up with an adjusted LSAC gpa of >4.0 when my school was on a 4.0 scale.

MAJ. Lee, Awsome.:
Any schools that have GPA's over 4.0 are just grade inflation. It's a classic scam to claim to have "better" students.


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