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Has anyone dealt with this school?  They seem affordable and do pretty much what Taft, Abe and Concord do but at a much cheaper price tag.   I actually talked to the director and the admissions director and while they were nice, I wasn't sure about the school.  What you read and what they offer are 2 different things.  I tried Taft... they are a joke....


American Heritage University was created in 2003, as far as I can determine.  It is not an accredited university – not even DECT – and so would not be eligible for student loans or student loan deferral.  It worries me that they say “No Degree Required”, but the lack of LSAT is pretty normal for an online school.  Here ( it says they were going to try for DECT accreditation in 2006, but apparently they did not do so (or did not achieve accreditation).  The only accredited online law schools offering a JD which I’m aware of are Taft and Concord (again, DECT accredited).  American Heritage is inexpensive, and they do offer an FYLSX review – which is good.  Apparently they have a physical facility, and their website looks good.  The same caveats apply to this school as to any non-ABA school; make sure a degree from here will meet your needs – which is something only you can determine.  Good luck!

None of these online law schools have the proper credentials.  However, if you really want a law degree, go for the cheapest online law school.  I say this because any state bar association, for  now, will give you grief for having studied law online regardless of the online law school you studied at.  But,  many state bar associations will let you sit for their bar exams if you can prove you know just as much as, or even more, than a brick and mortar, ABA approved law school graduate. 

You have to keep in mind that you will have to know much, much more than the average brick and mortar law school graduate.  And, you have to establish a reputation for knowledge of the law.  While you are studying at any one of the online law schools,  it will be very helpful to you to publish articles online on various issues of the law; either in a legal repository website or in your own blog that you make public.

Right now I am studying for a paralegal certificate because I have several degrees from brick and mortar schools.  But, I am also working on a J.D. law degree online.  To date, I have only written two articles on legal issues. One was co-authored with another paralegal student from the same school.
I will publish more within the next three years. 

Keep me posted on what you decide to do.  We can help each other get through this.


Sorry to tell you, but as far as I know almost EVERY state will NOT let you sit for their bar exam with an online degree.  The only exception to this (generally) is California.  Even there, you should read up on what the various requirements are.

Online law schools are just money thrown away, for this very reason.  If you ever seriously intend to gain employment as an attorney, you should seek admission to an ABA law school. If you do not have the basic capability or grades/scores to gain admission to an ABA law school, you will find it rough going in the legal field and should re-allocate both your time and money.  If all you want is to be able to append "J.D." after your name, then go for it.

Good luck!

I noticed on the Georgia State Bar that there is at least one online grad: . 
--- Quote --- Mr. Michael Barry Sheehey
Company: Comcast
Address:9770 Foxworth Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Work Phone: (215) 286-5790
Fax: (215) 286-5742
Admit Date: 12/12/2008
Law School: Concord Law School
Status: Active Member in Good Standing
Public Disciplinary History: None on Record

Member of the following sections:

    * Entertainment & Sports

--- End quote ---


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