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Good afternoon everyone,

I am posting on here hoping that someone can answer my question.

I am Canadian marrying an American citizen and moving down to Chicago on a fiance K1 Visa and the applying for permament residency which allow me to study and work down in the states. My question is will law schools permit someone in my situation to go to their school P/T (i.e. Loyola, Kent, etc)


I'm pretty sure the law schools don't care one way or the other about your being Canadian.  Still, it wouldn't hurt to just call the adcoms of the schools that interest you and ask.

I agree with Bike.  US law schools will certainly permit Canadian students to attend.  Generally, you're on the same ground as Americans.  However, I've heard from some adcoms, especially at higher ranked schools, that they occasionally feel more inclined to yield protect Canadian students because they are more likely to apply without having the finances in place to be able to attend (US fed loans are inapplicable and Canadian gov doesnt provide nearly enough $ to foot the bill).  Giving them a call to demonstrate genuine interest and explain your situation can't hurt.


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