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Prep Advice Needed!! (already preparing)

Prep Advice Needed!! (already preparing)
« on: October 02, 2010, 05:58:00 PM »
Ok so heres my LSAT situation.

I started Kaplan at the beginning of August and got a Diagnostic of 145.
I'm taking the Extreme class so I have 9hrs a week in LSAT practice etc.
I've been fluctuating since and my highest thus far was 152.

However, my scores in sections keep fluctuating- theres no ideal section that I have problems with-
I'll do horrible in LG then score really high after studying extra in that area...etc.

My highest in each section (not all together) has been
LG- 83%
RC- 66%
LG- 68%

I feel like I have the potential but am having a problem putting this all together.

My class is coming to an end, and I don't know what I should be doing- I've been considering getting the Bible set....

And I'm testing in December btw.

Any advice would be great and apologizes for the incoherent blips of information.

Re: Prep Advice Needed!! (already preparing)
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2010, 09:02:58 AM »
Well I'm studying myself for the LSAT but i havent taken any prep classes, everything is self study. i really recommend that you take a actual lsat test like the latest one, perhaps prep test 59 and time yourself if you need to guess or just fill in the blanks and see how you score. if your score is below 160 then you will need the bibles for logic games and reasoning and do more practice test weekly to improve your scores. Kaplan may give you the basics but you have to apply those basics and techniques really quick on the test. accuracy what counts. good luck buddy.


Re: Prep Advice Needed!! (already preparing)
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2010, 10:55:31 AM »

My friend who went to USC swears by the LG Bible. I don't know what to do about Reading Comprehension, but with Logical Reasoning, I feel I can score well because I took a basic logic class in college and can easily identify conclusions, premises, and fallacies. Perhaps you should google these on the Internet and see if that helps you. I also notice I do a lot better when I read the question stems first and then the argument. But anyway, I don't know anything about Kaplan, but I know Princeton Review's online self-paced lessons have helped me a lot. You probably don't have more money to spend, but it costs about 800 bucks and it gives you three months to do a bunch of lessons. They also send you five books, including a book of preptests. The other books have a lot of practice. I am scoring 161 and I really haven't had enough time to put more than a few hours a week of study excluding weekly preptests into the course. I never took a cold diagnostic exam without any prior study, but I'd guess I was scoring a 153. After doing some lessons, I took my first preptest, which was a 157. I hope to keep going up but I still need a lot of improvement on logic games and reading comprehension. However, I have found that practice with logic games definitely helps. I have also found that if I practice a good amount of logical reasioning questions the day before my practice test, I do a lot better. It's like a sport, if you practice all of the skills you will of course improve substantially over time, but if one week you concentrate on one skillset for that sport, you will improve in that skillset, but may go down a bit in the other skills that you haven't practice that week because you're not fresh. So, I recommend doing a bit of practice in each and thinking about what you're doing wrong in each by the answers you're getting wrong. Again, if you can afford a new prepcourse, I would look into Princeton Review's LSAT lessons that are self-paced and online because I think they're quite good.