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Rankings in American society


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Rankings in American society
« on: September 29, 2010, 09:22:10 AM »
I was just looking at my old high school and guess what a company called maxpreps has done. They were around when I was in school, but they never went as far as this. They have ranked every high school team sport in America. My school came in at 942 in basketball, but the list goes up to  as high as 16,000 maybe more. There of course is nothing backing up these rankings just a mere number with NO facts. I guarantee you parents are looking at these numbers and choosing what high school their kid will attend based on this private company's subjective and unfounded opinion.  It is sickening that it comes to this, but it is exactly the same as U.S. News.  In high school basketball there are some bad-ass programs Oak Hill, Harvard-Westlake, Taft, but once you get out of the top 25 or so schools it really does not matter. Yet parents I guarantee will look at a school and say they are 3724 and Green Hill is 2344 Junior should be going to Green Hill.

This also even applies to American general education and how we are always ranked poorly internationally. Having taught in a Chinese high school I can tell you that these rankings are manipulated for a few reasons. One being that a high school student can repeat their senior as many times as they want until they get a good score. There were 22 year olds at my high school if I had 5 shots at my senior year I might have gotten into Harvard who knows. I still don't even actually know what tests American students are taking that they score so low on. I never remember taking one and again it is some blanket number coming out of nowhere with no foundation. I am not sure if other societies are so caught up in ranking anything and everything, but I really think it is a problem here. Especially, because there is no foundation for almost any ranking I have seen.  I just think it is a growing problem and nobody ever seems to question where these numbers come from.