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153 to 162: Bent on Breaking 170

153 to 162: Bent on Breaking 170
« on: September 22, 2010, 02:46:01 PM »
I've taken the PS course, and I've had decent results, but I REALLY want to break 170. Indeed, I feel like I should be able to (I've had close to perfect and sometimes perfect sections), but I'm really inconsistent with both LG and RC.

Games: If I see a game that doesn't seem to be "normal," I spend too much time trying to "decode" it, and have trouble quickly building hypotheticals (see: "Bus Stops" and "Alphabet Soup"). Once I re-examine a game that I've screwed up, I understand why I missed the question, and eventually figure out the best way of diagramming and getting the answers. When I re-take these sections, I (naturally) do better. "Processing speed" is the big issue here. EarlCat has advised me to re-take sections, even though I'm familiar with them, so that I can see the patterns. This *seems* to work, given that I don't always remember exactly how I set up the games or the answers, but I'm not sure it helps with totally new scenarios.

Reading Comp: I'm not a speed-reader, so I have to push myself to read quickly, which sometimes comes at the expense of comprehending the material (although I can spend much more time on a passage and still miss a bunch of questions). I've found that "VIEWSTAMP" and underlining/diagramming slows me down considerably, without any noticeable improvement in my comprehension. I tend to remember where things are, and who thinks what, but sometimes the questions just throw me for a loop and slow me down. Sometimes I'll miss 1 question, and sometimes I'll miss 5. I think this is due to the "balls-to-the-wall-pedal-to-the-metal" speed with which I move through the passages/questions (if I don't, I run out of time).

I'm currently working on reviewing a practice test and writing out 1-2 sentences for why each answer choice is right or wrong. I find much of it to be rather pedantic, but multiple high-scorers swear by it, and I'm out of ideas.

I would appreciate any advice you might have to offer.

Also, how long should I spend on reading passages? I've found that if I exceed 4 minutes, I will almost certainly run out of time, since it takes me about 45 seconds to 1 minute to read/answer each question.