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LR: speed or skill?

Re: LR: speed or skill?
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1. Use the order of difficulty to your advantage.

Because questions 16-21 tend to contain question-types that most people find more difficult, begin with questions 1-15. This way, you'll start off on a roll and boost your confidence. Sounds reasonable enough, right? Here's where it gets wacky, though. After finishing question 15, jump to the end of the section and work your way backwards to eventually hit the toughest question. This technique isn't for everybody, but try it out on a couple of PrepTests and tell me how it works for you.
Thanks for sharing the link!

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Re: LR: speed or skill?
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not to mention bad advice.

Re: LR: speed or skill?
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the only strategy i use for LR is the first 15 questions in 15 minutes.

that way i have 20 minutes for the final 10 questions. this helps a lot, since i usually get -0 in the first 15, but miss more from the 15-20-25 range.

as for the OP; time is not your issue. you need to be a lot more accurate before you even worry about timing.