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URM Boost

URM Boost
« on: September 14, 2010, 06:03:22 PM »
Hi Guys- I was just browsing another site and they had a good debate regarding the URM boost.Someone wanted to know why AA recd a higher boost than other minorites.No one seemed to know the answer. I read somewhere , not on that site,that the reason was because AA were the most under represented.Asians may not get the boost because as a whole their ethnic group includes Chinese,Laotions,Cambodians,etc. Unsure how URM affects Mexican Americans or if the boost is lower because they may be counted as hispanics. Just curious what you guys think about this.

For the record I am an AA. As for the boost, I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, any advantage helps. However I will not apply to schools that I feel are out of my league. My reaches are schools that put me in the 25th %. I have no way of knowing why I was admitted to a school but I feel comfortable knowing that my numbers should match the majority of students.
As much as I look forward to my first day of law school I know regardless of my numbers someone will think I took someone else's place and I doubt they will think that other person  looks like me.

I didn't post in the minority area because I want to hear from everybody.

Re: URM Boost
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Obligatory and perhaps inflammatory (not to mention non-responsive), but always appropriate: