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Sarah to love NEO-FEMINISTS.....democrats pray she runs...HA HA!

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an emergence of a political force is growing larger after each new election cycle...something aye pointed out back in 2004 with the republican-lite elected into the democrat party fold {they are the one's who kept debate alive with regard to "medical insurance reform"}...independent conservatives...they have been calling the shots for a decade...and the liberals are being voted out by the conservative democrats...this November we may see Barbara Boxer and Russ Feingold lose their seats...perhaps wishful thinking since they are very dug in and have corrupted washington souls...but it COULD happen... 8)

Palin Woos Women and Stirs Up Foes


Published: August 31, 2010

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 NEW YORK — Ever since Sarah Palin appropriated the feminist banner as her own, introducing her potent Mama Grizzly video and setting off a firestorm among liberal advocates of abortion rights, the battle has raged over female voters, who outnumber registered male voters in the United States in this upset-minded election year.

On the campaign trail and the cable news talk shows, on the blogosphere and in chatter on Facebook and Twitter, women are — purportedly, at least — at the heart of the matter.

The Mama Grizzly video — Ms. Palin is shown with various groups of women, exhorting them to “take back” America and claiming, “You don’t wanna mess with the Mama Grizzlies!” — ignited the battle that took a more explosive turn in August when the feminist fund-raising group Emily’s List, which supports only Democratic female candidates who favor abortion rights, issued a video mocking Ms. Palin and the 49 candidates (men and women) she has so far endorsed.

The video was called “Sarah Doesn’t Speak for Me” and showed women dressed in bear costumes poking fun at the Mama Grizzlies. “Today, Emily’s List is calling on women — and men! — to let their voices be heard and to reject Palin’s reactionary candidates and backward-looking agenda,” said the group’s president, Stephanie Schriock.

Taking to her Facebook page, Ms. Palin referred to the Aug. 26 anniversary of the date the 19th Amendment went into effect, granting women the right to vote. “Really,” she wrote, “lying about a sister while wearing a Ewok outfit is no way to honor our foremothers on the eve of the 90th anniversary of their victory.” Marjorie Dannenfelser, the president of the anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List, said, “Emily’s List is running scared.”

The battle of the videos provoked the predictable jokes about cat fights and, more seriously, reflected the divide between women — even within the anti-Palin bloc. The leftist Mother Jones magazine, for instance, said: “By fixating on Palin, there’s a danger that she and the other loudmouth Republicans will still control the terms of the debate. Though Emily’s List tries to turn the ‘Mama Grizzly’ symbol on its head, the ad ends up sticking with the bear-as-common-woman theme that Palin pioneered, ultimately staying with Palin’s own political mythology.”

Meanwhile, Arianna Huffington, no supporter of Ms. Palin, called the Mama Grizzly video “the most important political ad of 2010.”

The videos certainly prompted closer examination of the star power of the ex-Alaska governor turned political pundit and her appeal to professional, independent female voters and “soccer moms” who in the past have voted for Democrats.

Ms. Palin is batting around .500 with her endorsements. She has produced surprise winners like Nikki Haley in South Carolina, a Republican of Indian ancestry who beat the odds to win the gubernatorial nomination and who is favored to win in November. Just last week, the former vice-presidential candidate was close to pulling off one of the biggest upsets yet. On her home turf, Alaska, the Republican establishment candidate, Senator Lisa Murkowski, was trailing Ms. Palin’s candidate, a former judge and political unknown named Joe Miller.

But it is the marquee race in California between Senator Barbara Boxer, a three-term Democrat and longtime feminist, and Carly Fiorina, the anti-abortion former Hewlett-Packard executive endorsed by Ms. Palin, that will most rigidly test who holds sway: Sarah Palin or Emily’s List.

The latest Rasmussen poll, conducted on Aug. 24, showed the race a tossup, 44 percent for Ms. Boxer and 43 percent for Ms. Fiorina. A Boxer loss in November would signal a major shift in the liberal-conservative equation in the nation’s most populous state.

While neither the California election nor other contests hinge on women’s issues or loyalties alone, women’s support is critical to the success of any and all candidates because women are now the majority of voters in the United States.

Women are divided but not by gender — the old saw that women must stick together doesn’t work anymore, if it ever did — nor necessarily split by party. They are polarized, like the nation, between the growing conservative-independent camp and the liberal-progressive bloc led by the political classes — or more simply, between insiders and outsiders. And this is the time for the outsiders.

Columnists, political analysts and commentators seem as split as female voters, although giving the edge right now to Ms. Palin as a charismatic and powerful campaigner. She is credited with injecting new enthusiasm among conservative female voters and for the record number of Republican women running for Congress.

For sure, Ms. Palin has had low moments — for instance when she recently defended the radio personality Laura Schlessinger, who repeatedly used the “n” word on the air. The soap opera that is Ms. Palin’s family life feeds gossip addicts, and liberals don’t miss a chance to mock her — her beauty queen looks, her starlet celebrity and her dim-bulb reputation.

Yet the former vice-presidential candidate is being taken so seriously that Ms. Huffington, whose Huffington Post Web site trashes Ms. Palin regularly, has invoked Carl Jung in trying to explain what makes Sarah tick.

“Why is somebody who so rarely deals in policy fixes so popular? It’s because Palin’s message operates on a level deeper than policy statements. Palin’s use of symbols like Mama Grizzlies is straight out of Jung’s ‘collective unconscious,”’ Ms. Huffington wrote.

“What’s more, Palin not only has the ability to tap into archetypes, she also has a variety of social tools ready to help her do so,” Ms. Huffington wrote, alluding to Facebook and Twitter. “Palin is using them to speak directly to her audience, going around the filter of the mainstream media.” Finally, in what seems a warning to her liberal followers, Ms. Huffington favorably compares Ms. Palin to the great communicator himself, Ronald Reagan.

Whatever her standing among women — she ranks No. 1 among potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates in the most recent Gallup poll — Ms. Palin is fashioning a new style of feminism built around professional, anti-abortion and politically independent women and offering a triumphalist message of spirited hope and fight that seems to be finding a growing audience.

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I doubt Boxer will lose her seat against Fionia.  The reason - too many people remember what a poor job she did as not only the CEO of HP, but for Lucent.  Under her rein, she didn't make dollar one in real equity.  In order to trump  up the balance sheets at HP, she sold off prime stock and took a once great company and made it into a joke.  It took Mark Hurd to put Humptey back together again. 

Palin?  There are a lot of very good and intelligent Republican's.  There are even some fairly intelligent members of the Tea Party.  I don't discount them as contenders.  I do doubt Palin will be able to pull anything off as she has proven herself to be too much on the fringe.  Some people might think that Palin is to the right as Obama is to the left.  This may or may not be true.  I don't think most educated people would say that Obama is a unintelligent man.  I do think a great number of people think that of Palin.  If the Republican's want to lose in 2012, just put Palin on the ticket.  It will assure another 4 years of Obama.  (not that this is a bad thing). ;D

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doubt all you want....we shall see...and do you think russ feingold will be collecting unemployment insurance in december?   i most assuredly do...saying good bye bye to sylvester the cat will be great.

most democratic incumbants who have been in washington for a while are marked....they are seen by independents and conservatives as the washington problem...also, independents realize that the democrats...particularly the three or more term democrats who are liberal enough that they made sure that fanny mae and freddy mac gave loans to everyone who had a heart beat wiith no regard for financial responsiblility--bernie frank and his ilk made housing department employement go away.....the real reason for the lack of jobs now in the housing industry from real estate to carpenters from architects to plumbers...independents know that the liberal democrats caused the problem and many are going to be ejected...perhaps with some unorthodox "un politically correct" mad as hell neo-populists like brown and christy...

so buck up. ;)

conservatives are cleaning the house...

The problem is that the Republican's are just as if not more responsible for the financial mess we are in.  They were in absolute control of the House, Senate, Executive, and Supreme's for 6 solid years and mucked things up quite a bit.  Now the Orange man and the man with four necks is trying to backpeddle and say it was all the Democrat's fault.  The Tea Baggers are almost all Republican's.  Anyone who would follow a guy who ripped off Medicare for over a billion dollars and a former House Majority Leader (Richard male private part Armey) is a Republican - not a Independent and not a Libertarian. 


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How is it really any politicians democrat, republican, or independent that a person without a job or very low income borrowed shi* tons of money. If I go stand on a freeway and get hit by a car that is my own fault not a politicians. I love how people blame Washington for the problems. I have some step family members that made very little yet somehow managed to have 9 houses and go on all these vacations by just literally doing everything wrong. The guy was making 50,000 a year yet somehow had 9 houses basically all on 100% financing adjustable rate mortages. Needless he is in deep sh** now. Still how is a politicans fault that he did not have common sense to say huh I make 50K a year. I need to have 9 houses and should not save a penny. I really don't know if anyone in our society ever takes responsibility for anything anymore. Law students blame their schools for not getting jobs, people make terrible investments and blame the government, high school/college athletes blame the coaches for not getting enough playing time, the list goes on and on. Yet nobody anywhere seems to say hmm maybe I am at least partially responsible for my situation.

The minute you try to blame one party for any problem you lose all credibility.  The Tea Party movement is a rejection of the culture of Washington and the "governing class."  Dem and Repub policies and the overall culture of Washington combine and share the blame for policies that facilitate any calamity.  Economic policies do not develop in one year or 5, or 10 - they evolve over decades. 

Why do the opponents of the Tea Party call them Tea Baggers?  Is it an admission that they, the opponent, are getting bagged by the baggers?  not something I would admit to...

I refer to them as Tea Baggers (which is a derogatory term that has another meaning all together -  I will let you look it up) for the same reason why the far right castigate liberals.  (calling them socialists, libbies, etc). 

Problem is - 99.99% of the baggers are Republicans.  Everyone knows this - and yet the baggers want to think they are something new -- against the system.   You cannot be against the system if you helped create it.  The very leaders of the movement - Palin, Armey, and others - are just as guilty if not more for the problems we have.  They fool no one with an IQ greater than 90. 

Everyone seems to hate liberals for whatever reason. OK - if you hate liberals
1. If you are a civil servant - give up you 3% /50 pensions.  Either die or give back your pension benefits after 5 years of retirement because after 5  years, the money has run out and the rest is welfare.
2. If you live 8 years into  your retirement, the same occurs with social security.
3. Don't accept farm subsidies.
4. Forget student loans
5. Send your kid to a full tuition private college.  All public colleges are on teh public lam.

We can go on and on.  However, both the right and the left are unwilling to give up thier benefits (whether earned or not) - always pointing at the benefits of others as the source of the problem.