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question about california law schools

question about california law schools
« on: September 11, 2010, 04:50:01 PM »
Hey everyone!

My name is Rachel and I'm a Junior at Penn State University. I'll be taking the June LSAT next June and just started studying for the LSAT (awful but necessary). In any case, I am new to these boards & was actually told about this site by a prep course teacher. I am an Advertising Major (I chose the major for job security & I've been selling advertising for the past 7 years/currently work in a leadership position managing a sales team etc..) but I am dedicated to going to law school. I am also studying Environmental Science and am more than likely going to pursue a law degree in Environmental Law (more specifically, Agricultural Law & Policy) this all leads me to the following questions:

1. for anyone who knows a fair amount about the various law schools in California, particularly in northern Cali, I'd love to know what you know about them? Penn State is as career oriented as it is fun but I am dying to get out West and fell in love with San Francisco (I'm a hippy at heart)

2. I have set my LSAT goal high (170) but I don't want to jinx anything as I have a ways to go before I even know what I get on the damn test, but I do have a 3.65 GPA as well as high extracurricular activity involvement. For those who know people who have gotten into schools like Hastings or UC Davis, how challenging was it to get in? Also, is their "way of life" as mellow and 'green'-focused as I imagine it to be?

Thanks so much and I am so glad to have been told about these boards!



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Re: question about california law schools
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2010, 07:41:03 PM »
I haven't seen that many people on LSD that say they currently go to CA law schools, but bigs5068 does, so maybe he'll reply. If he doesn't reply, you may want to PM him. He seems to know a lot about the schools, areas, etc. in CA.


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Re: question about california law schools
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2010, 09:33:33 PM »
Although I am probably 25 years older than you, believe it or not, I am at the same exact place. I'm prepping for the June LSAT and law school admission in the 2012 cycle.

It sounds as if you have yet to find LSDAS.  You should at least register with their site now, as you will have to end up signing up the LSAT and use the Credential Assembly Service (CAS).  This is true because most schools work their admissions process via LSDAS/CAS.  They charge one fee to take the LSAT and one for the CAS.  You don't have to pay for these just to register with them.

Another benefit to this is that they have links to just about ALL ABA accredited schools, from Yale to "Tier 4 Town Law"  They also have a feature where you can plug in your GPA and LSAT numbers and you will see your basic (without soft factors, etc) admission profile for each school.
You can build a "My Schools" list as well.

Each school listed has a basic profile (think of the school's "marketing blurb), and the ABA profile.  Reading these can give some idea of schools you may be interested in.

These are just some basics.  My own state (Florida) has a law school that has a VERY strong program in Environmental Law (Florida State Law).
I believe US News also highlights schools that are strong in particular areas, i.e., Environmental, Advocacy, etc.

I think if you make your 170 plus LSAT and maintain your current GPA at Penn State, you'll do well in the admissions cycle.

Good luck in June!