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50! and still thinking of law school!!!

Re: 50! and still thinking of law school!!!
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That's pretty cheap.  Good luck!

I hope the tuition at the state school is nowhere near that of ABA accredited law schools - that is an awful lot of driving and studying simply "for the education."  No chance on re-prepping and retaking the LSAT?  Might be worth the ffort.

I am not looking to become a first year associate at a firm.  I am going for the education.

Birmingham is $1750 a semster including all the fees.  3 semester a year  so that is $5300 a year... roughly.  I have to add gas and travel time in but still worth it.  Heck, Concord is $10,000 a year for an online law degree.  That seems wasteful


Re: 50! and still thinking of law school!!!
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I have to chime in here!! If you go to law school you will find yourself answering all the questions and barely understanding why no one else understands the answers! Been there done that lends itself here and for $120.000.00 and serious job competition scratching itches is all about whether or not you can reach the itch and actually scratch it as opposed to finding a career and enhancing the skills.  Good luck.. save your money or invest in real estate! However, having said that, nobody could have told me not to do law school. I did it and couldnt continue too many other issues , money, age, interest!The interest waned once I got there. Who is going to be your partner to study with? Thats the very first problem!

Re: 50! and still thinking of law school!!!
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was your lsat that low? a 3.69 with 18yrs WE?
damn, i'm in trouble... i am 46 and applying for fall 2011.  BS, MS engineering both top 5 schools. my lsat diagnostic was 150. so at best i can hope for is 160 after a prep class. my UG was 2.75.