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Law Society
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This association aims to gather law students from major universities across the world so as to learn in a different way and to extend this influence in our future life as lawyers by creating strong links with law students all over the world.
To do so we have made partnerships with the Student Law Society and with student's association in major universities in every continent. Among those universities : Aberdeen, Alger, Athens, Berlin, Beyrouth, Bogota, Bombay, Cairo, Cambridge, Chili, Denver, Geneva, Harvard, Kent, Leeds, Madrid, Manchester, Oxford, Seattle, Seoul, Sophia, Stanford, Sydney, Teheran, UCLA, USC, Westminster, Warwick, Yale.

Our goals :

To put law students and professionals in touch across the world

This website's first practital end is to help students in their legal research (common law, comparative law, international law…). Moreover, the students can learn about other legal cultures and exchange with foreign students thanks to our different sections (international news, forum…)

The creation of an international magazine written by law professionals and students of the participanting universities.

The establishement of links between students to facilitate exchanges and meetings (by a "Brother-Sister" system in partnership with the Student Law Society of foreign universities.

The organization of lectures (with the intervention of international speakers)

The planning of parties and students'events

The organisation of more informal gatherings (competitions)

Internships offers in France and abroad in collaboration with our partners.

Welcome, join us …

Re: Law Society
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S Law Society is an international association for students and legal professionals worldwide.
If you wish to :

•   Find out ways of discovering law, of asking and discussing technical issues
•   Be informed about the legal news of various countries and contribute to our magazine and our international sources
•   Meet and host international students
•   Find out the various outlets of studies in international law
•   Facilitate the exchange of training programs
•   Organize or participate in conferences
•   Or just take part in student life at university and its' events

This association is created for you.
Events will take place starting from the new academic year. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to participate in our projects.

Continue to enjoy your holidays.