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How effective is my LOR?

How effective is my LOR?
« on: August 17, 2010, 09:46:11 AM »
Hello All,

  I interned for Hillary Clinton in Albany while in college for fall of 2008 right before she was promoted to Secretary of State. Her office has provided me with a U.S. Senate recommendation that is very personal about myself. I was wondering how effective this would be in getting me in law schools? the other LOR is from my law professor from school. I graduated with a 2.5 in Poly Sci which I know is low but if I score well on this Oct LSAT I hope to still manage to get in a law school with decent LSAT Score. thank you for your time!

Re: How effective is my LOR?
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Ummm, depends on the letter, but those tend to be cut and paste "good, hard worker with brains and work ethic blah blah blah..." Without seeing the letter, I would say its not very helpful. While researching law schools and the process, I have come to realize just because a letter is from a powerful individual, doesn't make it a strong letter. If it reads very blah and very scripted, the school will see through it and it won't help that much.

I do believe that a good recomendation can help overcome lower numbers, but only to an extent. I wouldn't rely on that helping you overcome a 2.5, which is going to be hard to overcome, I won't sugar coat it for you. What schools were you looking at and what are you expecting (based on practice tests) for the LSAT?

Re: How effective is my LOR?
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I know my GPA is considered low for law school applicant. I have been scoring 155 on the Practice tests and I am about to begin my Kaplan prep tomorrow. I also had bought the PowerScore books to use as well. I am applying to multiple law schools, I am just hoping to get into a few of them if I really score well on the LSAT. As far as the recommendation, it basically speaks of how I helped contribute to Senator Clinton's office by writing her speeches, preparing press clips, etc. I even have a picture of me and the Senator together with her personal thank you note on the picture, but the LSAC does not allow pictures to be sent in. I just want to believe there is still hope. Thank you for your advice.

Re: How effective is my LOR?
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