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Is it too soon for me to study for the LSAT?

Re: Is it too soon for me to study for the LSAT?
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Thats why you pick a BS (and no I dont me in science) degree.
If you take all easy classes and get some BS liberal arts type degree, an otherwise 2.5 student can be 3.9
lawschools don't give a crap about your major, plus the 'prelaw' majors that I see don't do any better on the finals in lawschool anyways, so they basicly just made sure that if godforbid they fail out, they end up as an overqualified paralegal..........retards... ....

As a side note:  It would be pretty funny to read an addendum to a LS app intended to explain away a sub-par GPA by telling them something like 'I didn't achieve grades that reflect my potential in UG because I was pre-occupied focusing my time studying to take the LSAT.'   :D