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Golden Gate Bridge suicide net worst idea of all time????

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To continue to display how bad the government of San Francisco is they have approved 50 million dollars to build a suicide net for the Golden Gate Bridge. There are 10,000 other ways to kill yourself in San Francisco besides jumping off the Golden Gate bridge. The Bay Bridge is only a few miles away and would be just as lethal if you jumped so it won't even stop people from jumping off bridges.  Anyways, considering the city and state are completely broke this 50 million dollars could go to something more productive than putting a massive net to prevent 1 of the 10,000 ways to kill yourself in San Francisco.  I think this is the worst idea of all time and if anyone can justify it at all please defend it I would love to hear a rational argument for it.

Preventing suicide is important and you could use 50 million dollars on something else that would solve the problem, but a gigantic net will not do it. I am just baffled at how much money San Francisco spends on things that have no effect at solving actual problems. I really think a 6 year old could come up with a more efficient plan to stop suicide than this.

Well, I guess the one main positive thing that could come out of it is jobs for unemployed construction workers. Plus, maybe it will save a few people. Who knows, maybe it can become a main attraction in SF. People could pay $15+ to jump off the bridge into the safety net. However, it definitely sounds like a huge waste of money.

Some jobs might be created, but they could spend 50 million on building something practical or that would make the city look better. Not only is this a waste of money it is going to make one of the cities most famous landmarks less appealing. A giant net does not increase the Golden Gate Bridge's appeal and tourists etc will be less impressed with it.  It is simply a terrible idea and I can't believe it got approved.

Julie Fern:
you people must be loads fun party.

Fern, judging by your writing, you been partying just a tad too much.


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