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Should I Become A Lawyer Dilemma! Help a HS Junior out!

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Hey Guys,

I have a major dilemma about planning to go to law school. I have heard from so many sources that it is very difficult to get a job as a lawyer now a days for all reasons regardless of a bad economy/recession. I heard this is due to a loss of respect or dislike against lawyers. Is this true or is the exception those who graduated from T14 Law Schools. If I don't get into a T14 law school is it worth it to practice law at all? Also what do you think about 3+3 accelerated programs some universities have these days where one can get a BA/JD or BS/JD within six years? I am seriously considering it but a lot of people say its a bad idea! I am really going nuts about this and I really need some mature advice!

Any Help Is Really Appreciated


You can get a job if you are not in the T14. You may even be able to get a job as a lawyer if you graduate from a T-4 school, but yes, you should aim as high as you can based on your LSAT and GPA. That being said, you're a junior in HS. You still have a lot of time to make your decision about whether to go to law school. You may change your mind about what you want to do after your first year or two of college (changing majors is pretty common). Even if you want to do a 3/3 program you have some time to decide--you should have until next year's deadlines for ED programs at the earliest. Maybe you should try to volunteer at a law firm (especially if you're seriously considering a 3/3 program), so that you can get a more realistic feel for whether or not it's something you want to do. If that doesn't work as an option, you could probably find an attorney that would let you shadow him/her for a few days.

Morten Lund:
I agree with Cicero.  High school doesn't matter.  What will overwhelmingly determine which (if any) law school you attend is your college GPA and your LSAT score.  If you want to place yourself in the best situation to go to a good law school, take college seriously from the very beginning.  As Mr. Aurelius will testify, a bad freshman year can haunt you forever.

And, conveniently, this approach will benefit you greatly whether or not you ultimately decide to go to law school.

Thanks a lot guys, I am really worried though if I have time in undergraduate to decide is law is right for me... I know I have time left but I have been known to be a somewhat indecisive person about these things..... Also what major would you guys recommend to get into law school... I love economics/government, politics, and history and I heard those were good tracks for Law but which one is the better one?

I think you should pick whichever one (or even two) you find the most interesting and in which you can excel.  The specific major doesn't really matter that much. Your GPA matters a lot more. My BA was in Anthropology & Latin and I got a minor in Archaeology, so not exactly the typical kind of BA one gets before going to law school. Don't focus so narrowly on your end goal of going to law school that you don't take the chance to experiment with classes from different departments that sound interesting to you, even if they don't relate to your goal. I took a lot of electives that just sounded interesting to me like sign language and a class about juvenile delinquency. I actually started college as a Biochem/Latin major. I took Anthro my 1st year and found it much more interesting than Chemistry, and then switched majors. Anyway, don't box yourself in so much that you don't explore your options in college.


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