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International Law Society

International Law Society
« on: July 29, 2010, 07:32:13 PM »
Dear all,

We are a group of French law student (University of Paris, la Sorbonne) and our society aims to create links between universities.

The purpose of this association is to bring together law students from leading universities around the world in order to learn differently outside the academic straitjacket sometimes a little too theoretical and formal. This association provides a method of learning based on an international student assistance, to help every one of them to enrich oneself intelligently in the context of his studies. And much more, it also aims to extend its influence in our future legal life.

Talking, sharing and learning in another way that the courts, the right of neighboring countries.

Would you be interested in creating a newspaper, website, meetings to allow people to exchange and learn and compare the law and forge ties between practicing law throughout the world?

Tell me your answer,
Already more 200 students in 30 universities in 20 countries

-President Sorbonne Law Society-

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Re: International Law Society
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