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ave maria vs whittier

ave maria vs whittier
« on: July 24, 2010, 05:12:10 PM »

I was wondering what your advice was on which school to attend. ave maria gave me a scholarship of 30,000 and it continues if i achieve a gpa of 3.0 for the following years. Whittier just accepted me and i really want to go to california but the scholarship amount is great! what do you guys think? which school? and is it hard to keep a 3.0 in law school?

Thank you

Re: ave maria vs whittier
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Based on the above site (wiki not always reliable), a little over half the  students at Ava maintain a 3.0 or higher. I am unsure of your abilities compared to the average student.  I am assuming based upon your scholarship you are in the top half of applicants for the school.  So if you feel you will work hard enough to be in the top half, you will keep your aid

Re: ave maria vs whittier
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Well, obviously neither school is going to get you biglaw or whatever.
Are you a conservative Catholic? If so I'd say take the money at Ave Maria. I wouldn't be surprised if they do OK placing students at Catholic public interest places and conservative state judges and the like. And its in Naples, Florida ... Now will it get you back to Cali? Doubtful -- but again, perhaps some like-minded conservative judge will know of it and hire you...
If you're not a conservative Catholic then you'll probably feel pretty out of place at Ave Maria.