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Know of any *really* part-time JD programs?

Know of any *really* part-time JD programs?
« on: July 23, 2010, 06:29:46 AM »
Does anyone know if there are law schools that offer more than one part-time option, e.g., students can take fewer credits per semester than is typical in a part-time program? I work full-time in a high-stress job, am the only breadwinner, and have a spouse and kid to feed; so reducing my workload isn't an option. Still, I don't want to be in class four nights a week and completely miss out on my kid's childhood. Would love to hear about experiences with flexible part-time JD programs. Thanks in advance.

Re: Know of any *really* part-time JD programs?
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I go to school in the evenings and there are some students who work full time and have 2 or 3 kids who are older than you.  If you want law school bad enough its possible to do it part time at night 4 days a week. You would have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday without school. You could take as few as 3 classes (9 credits). Taking 18 credits a year you can have your summers completely off and get a J.D. in 5 years.  I have a feeling the more 'prestigious' the school is the less friendly they are to part time students.
Theres even one student (who i really felt sorry for)-- she was a single mother who worked full time and also did part time law school. Several times she actually brought her kid to the school because she did not have day care accomadations. Myself, I am glad to be an old  student without any other people (kids, significant others) disturbing my studies. This is a 3 or 4 year job and all that extra curricular stuff makes law school even more difficult. I was glad my girlfriend dumped me 2 months into law school. I quit my job right before first semester exams and I should have done it sooner.

If you have a good job now- you're probably making significantly more money than a new lawyer. Would you be willing to reduce yourself to part-time if things got too overwhelming in school?  The real problem with someone who has a good job and wants law school is the relocation aspect.

Why didn't you end up going to law school last year?