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How do I use 'Search' ?

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Hi! I'm having a problem to use 'search' tool here.
I've chked 'help' section already, but it doen't really give me an answer.
Evrytime to try searching, it shows that I'm not allowed to search in this section.
Am I missing something to make it work? Plzzzz help me if u know how to solve this problem.

Search feature hasn't worked in a long time.  Sorry.  :(

So is anyone working to fix it?

I've been asking the same thing for a long time.  Unfortunately I don't have administrator access to do anything.

! B L U E WAR R I O R..!:
aye've been asking the same thing for a longer time...


aye think good lawyers's not disconcerting that this LAW school discussion board has a blind search system...ironic that that is one of my problems with many of the lawyers aye deal with outside of the petshop.



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