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I don't attend either of these schools, but I'm strongly considering them.  They are both new, but I have absolutely no doubt that they will be accreditied ASAP.

University of California - Irvine
Drexel University (Earle Mack School of Law)

I would love to see what people think of them so far :)

UC Irvine is a pretty good university all the UC schools are and UC Irvine last year was willing to pay for all incoming student's entire education. It was pretty competitive to get in, but I think once they get approval they will be a highly ranked school and if you can get through with no debt well you are doing pretty good for yourself.   

Wow!  I didn't know they paid for everything.  That's (obviously) a pretty big deal if you can get in.

I figured that they had to be pretty good just by virtue of being a UC school, though.  Plus, they're making a splash with Erwin Chemerinsky as dean (IMO).  I'm interested to see where they end up after accreditation.

That was what UC Irvine did last year and it was pretty competitive to get in as I remember. They are obviously trying rank highly by offering free tuition to everyone, but they got a lot of good applicants. The rankings are pretty stupid to concern yourself with unless you are going to an elite school and unless you are going to Harvard, Yale etc don't get to caught up in them. Instead go to school in a location you want to live, because odds are that is where you will end up working.

UC Irvine and Drexel are too new. You'd make a mistake going their and then in a few years catch wind of the school actually being one of the worst law schools next to Cooley.  Try going to an already established law school that isn't tier 4 or tier nothing.


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