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What does everyone think about discussing drug addiction/alcoholism in PS?

Ok, so here goes..on both sides of my family there is a long history of alcoholism and drug addiction, and it has been something that I have been surrounded by all of my life. All three of my older siblings have struggled with drug and alcohol abuse and my oldest sister has struggled to such an extent as to lose custody and parental rights for all five of her children. I feel like this has had an influence on my life in general as well as my decision to go to law school and become an attorney. Any thoughts? I would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!


I wouldn't make it the focus.

If it has had a big enough impact on you to make you want to study law, why wouldn't it be the main focus? 

This is potentially a very powerful topic, but I would advise you be careful with it.  Avoid catharsis, and try to highlight positive things that would give you a unique perspective.  This is not to suggest that you have to downplay the difficulty of the situation; just make sure you don't come off as bitter/angry and I think you'll have a great statement.


Oh, I suppose because it sounds like it's more about the poster's siblings than about himself/herself.

Oh, agreed; if it were a personal problem I would be more apprehensive about it. 

My family is similar to the OP's if you substitute mental illness for drug addiction (or, more accurately, insert it as the root cause).  It played a part in my personal statement, but I would have written something very different if it were my problems in question.