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Fordham vs Quinnipiac (with partial scholarship)

Fordham vs Quinnipiac (with partial scholarship)
« on: July 15, 2010, 07:16:06 AM »
Would you pick Fordham part-time or Quinnipiac with a $25,000 scholarship?

Re: Fordham vs Quinnipiac (with partial scholarship)
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Re: Fordham vs Quinnipiac (with partial scholarship)
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2010, 09:02:24 AM »
I think it really depends what the scholarship requirements at Quinnipiac are whether you want to live in New York or Connecticut. Also look at that costs Fordham is 44k a year & living costs are 25k in NYC. Quinnipiac will be 15k a year  in tuition with your scholasrhip & 20k in living expenses. Assuming you keep the scholarship over three years your debt at Fordham will be 207K while your debt at Quinnipiac will be 105k. So you need to ask yourself is going to Fordham really worth 100k more in debt that is accruing interest while your in school. I don't know what either school is ranked I imagine Fordham is a low tier 1 or high tier 2, but I know it is not even number one in the New York Market NYU & Colombia well take precedent over Fordham and you will be in competition with Cardozo, Brooklyn, and all the numerous other law schools in NYC.

My two cents is that unless you go to the top school in your area then it is worth it go to a lower ranked school and get out with as little debt as possible. Do not just look at the rankings they are misleading and so terribly done that it is beyond belief. Whatever Fordham is ranked right now it could drop or rise 30 spots by the time you graduate since the formula makes absolutely no sense. So again ask yourself is it worth 100k more in debt to go to a school that U.S. News has ranked at some arbitrary number that is subject to change completely by the time you graduate?

Not to say Fordham is not a well respected school though and it might open a few more doors than Quinnipac. If money is not a concern to you the answer is easy Fordham, if money is a concern the question becomes more complicated for the reasons stated above.  Remember Fordham or Quinnipac are not ELITE schools. You will be in competition with people from Columbia, Harvard, NYU, Yale and a Fordham degree is not going to wow anybody in NYC at least from my limited experience there.  Quinnipac is certainly not going to wow anybody in NYC either, but you will have 100k less in debt that accrues interest at between 6-8 percent so it is definitely something to worth considering. 

There is no right or wrong answer here, but look a MUCH MUCH DEEPER than a schools U.S. News Ranking. Their rankings make absolutely no sense just check out the formula and look at rankings over the 3-5 years and see how much schools drop and fall. U.S. News ranking lead so many young students to make terrible decisions and you need to look much much deeper than just choosing a school based on rank.