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Cleveland state university vs. tier 4 in a better place, HELP!!!!!

I need help! i was accepted into cleveland state university and was planning on attending and transferring. I heard transferring is extremely hard so i visited LSAC and applied to a couple of schools in Florida and California. I don't think i want to spend 3 years in Cleveland. I attended Wayne State for undergrad and it sucked! Do you guys think i should go to Ava maria instead of cleveland state? is it a big difference between the two? i have applied to other colleges in florida but they are probably inferior to ava maria. I had an lsat of 156 and a gpa of 3.0. What do you think i should do? I do not know if i will be accepted yet. I am hoping i will be accepted into university of pacific but i think i applied way too late. I was denied acceptance into california western and university of san diego. I was accepted into wayne state but i DO NOT want to go there again! HELP please!