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I just graduated from the U of A Law School.  I'm willing to answer any questions if you have them! 

Hey, Scoob!

I am starting law school at U of A in the Fall. Any specific advice for 1L? I haven't gotten anyone from U of A to answer ANY questions I've had. Everything thus far in the process has seemed a little disorganized, so I'm hoping that changes once school gets started.

How are job prospects here in Arkansas? Are you staying in state? I hope things are going well for you since graduation and congratulations!


Well, as for "advice," I would say to enjoy your summer as much as possible because you will be busy in the Fall.  Law school requires endurance, so don't wear yourself out before you even start.  As for the disorganization, they do kind of keep you in the dark until several weeks before it starts.  At some point soon they will send you a schedule (if they have, I'm happy to tell you about the profs).  Probably about 2-3 weeks before classes they will give you a book list and assignments.  When they give you the textbooks, you can ask me which ones to buy because there are a bunch that are not necessary and are a waste of money (I lever opened at least 3-4 of them).  But, don't worry too much about organization, they'll get to you eventually. 

Frankly, jobs in Arkansas are kind of scarce right now.  I decided to take the Missouri bar.  I've actually gotten several interviews in Missouri since I decided to take the Missouri bar, so you can leave the state as long as it's within the region (assuming Arkansas is still a bad market in 3 years).  I also have a few friends who landed jobs in Tulsa (looks like you're from Oklahoma). 

Feel free to ask more questions if you need to.  Also, if I'm slow to respond, you can PM me so that I'll get an e-mail notice of your message. 

Good Luck!  Enjoy the U of A! 

I really appreciate the help!!! I will definitely be emailing you once I get my schedule! I have thought about returning to Tulsa after school. I miss it there anyway:)

They really have been keeping me on my toes. I was offered a $4,000 per semester academic scholarship, but I looked in ISIS today and it only has a 2,000 Law Resident Scholarship. I hope all of this mess is easier after the first semester (I'm sure it probably will be...). I actually went to Ohio State for undergrad, and they are so large I think they were more organized just out of necessity. Who knows though... I'm just happy to finally be going to law school!


I just recently moved down here from Ohio as well, and so far I love it. I was just looking from some more general info about the school from scooby. How are the students? The profs? The competition? How did you feel about your experience overall? Sorry I'm all over the place here, just looking for a little info. Also, I have my schedule and I have Brill, Foster, Norvell, Sacharoff and Sampson. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!


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