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Hey y'all,
I have a 3.9 from LSU and I recently got a 152 on the LSAT. I will be taking the LSAT again, but I wanted to get some opinions on my situation.  I'm a white male with a solid resume (no awesome work experience but strong involvment and a lot of offices in organizaions and awards).  Do you think there is any chance of me getting into lsu with those numbers (very curious)? When I take the yes again, what score do you think would more or less ensure admission? Do you think I could get a scholarship at loyola new orleans with those numbers?

Re: 3.9/152
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sorry i posted this twice.


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Re: 3.9/152
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If you check out Law School Numbers it will show you what scores are getting in (list & graph) and who's getting scholarships (often including what amounts they're awarded).

Here's the link for Loyola NO on LSN

It looks like you have a good chance of getting in with some scholarship money based on this decision cycle.

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Loyola gives out scholarship money to 152's?? Ouch, didn't realize they were that desperate...
Loyola grads can get decent jobs in NOLA -- by decent I mean D.A., P.D., state AG's office, and small firms.
I imagine LSU places better anywhere else in the state. LSU seems t get kind of shut out of NOLA though.
I'd think if you get a 156 you should get into LSU, maybe even just a 155 with your GPA. You're almost there. If you get a 160 (or even 159) you might get Tulane -- then again Tulane is very expensive and might not be worth sticker.
One more thing about Loyola -- they have a very rough curve -- I think it's a 2.7.

Re: 3.9/152
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My favorite site for that question is's "UGPA/LSAT Search."  I prefer it over Law School Numbers because LSN assumes that everyone is telling the truth.  The Official Guide's drawback is that it doesn't give information about scholarships awarded.


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Re: 3.9/152
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Honestly, just study your brains out for the LSAT. That's all that really matters in your situation.