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Got Accepted at FSU, paid seat deposit, but got Arrested on Saturday. Thoughts?

Ok, if anyone can help me or even just throw some advice or thoughts my way it would be MUCH appreciated!! Ok, so as the title says, I got accepted to Florida State University in April and I paid my seat deposit and plan to attend. However, I was arrested this past Saturday night for Trespassing.
      I was at a local restaurant/bar on the beach where I live and I had been drinking. I tripped, spilt my drink on an employee there and got kicked out. My phone was dead and I didn't drive out there so I needed to tell my friends what had happened, so I tried to sneak in the back on the beach and they caught me, and arrested me for Trespassing. I'm planning on disclosing the information to FSU, but I was just wondering if anyone thinks they will rescind my acceptance after they find out about this?
      To make matters worse, I was just arrested in January for Disorderly conduct, and FSU accepted me anyway. These are the only two offenses I have ever had in my entire life. If anyone could share what they think will happen would be awesome. Im sort of freaking out right now and could use some advice...


I've no clue about FSU but you should also look into your chances of passing character and fitness (also something I don't know anything about, other than that they ask about that kind of stuff).

I'm guessing it matters what happened after the arrest - conviction?  found not guilty?  you don't need to disclose here, but I'd guess (and its just a guess) that if you were found not guilty or the charges were dropped that it'd be a lot better for you than if you were convicted.

Might wanna stop drinking :)

good luck!

I would notify  your school. Also if you get a good attorney there is a chance that you can get this dismissed - with probation and a fine.. So that means it wont be on your record..

Usually a good attorney  will never make you any promises, but they should be able to tell you the chances of dismissal. Explain the situation about you going to law school and that you did not drive to the establishment / cell phone dead, so that is why you went back..

Thanks guys, that's what I was thinking... getting an attorney and all that. Just wanted to hear it from someone else I guess. Thanks for your help!! And trust me, I'm done drinking for a looong time. lol It seems it only brings me trouble.