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To all of you Brainiac's. NOVUS is registered as an authorized school in The Marshall Islands. Think back to either your high school days or college undergrad geography class, it is a real place. It isn't illegal to post on a resume that you attended a certain school and it was ruled unconstitutional several years ago that even if the school isn't authorized or recognized you can still post on the resume that you have a degree from the school in question.  Why not consider Taft law school from California, if you take the telecommunications Law JD program you can direct federal student loans. And it's recognized.
You can get into Thomas Cooley without a BA/BS degree and with only 60 credits, but your GPA and LSAT has to be higher because of the admissions index.  I think Puerto Rico is easy to get into as well. ANd yes all of you college grads, PR is a Commonwealth of the USA.

Why do most of the posts I have visited accuse Novus University of being a diploma mill and not a degree. If one does the work wouldn't that be a degree? From what I have read from past Novus students have worked hard completeing assignments and research. The school has a law library as well. By reading there courses and guide lines they appear to be the same as a ABA accredited school. Can a representative from Novus clarfiy my questions.

I think there is something to be said about a school being ABA accredited. A real crucial thing is that you may be barred from taking the bar in certain states if you attend Novus or any other Non-ABA school. Even if you were a 100x better attorney and could get a perfect score on the bar you would not be able to practice law in a lot of states.  There are many competent and excellent lawyers from non-aba schools and I have seen them in action. California is one of the states that does not require you to graduate from an ABA school and there many lawyers who attended CBA or non-ABA schools. Who are excellent and remember the individual not the school makes up about 80-90% of a future lawyers success.

However, you did need to know that some states will simply not let you be a lawyer if you go to Novus, because you will not be able to take the bar. So check with every state bar and see what they say about the school and if it will allow you to take the bar in that state. Each state is different and if a school is not ABA approved you run the risk of wasting 3 years of your life and a ton of money. Well good luck to you.

The previous reply said that "even if you get a perfect score on the bar, you still would not be able to practice law in some states." 

If you get a perfect score on the bar exam, wouldn't you be able to practice law in the state whose bar exam you got the perfect score on?


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