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U-Chicago "considering" me for 6 months (status updated in June-2010)

Ok, this is something new. I consider myself to be pretty well-versed in admissions, but this is a really strange situation for me. U-Chicago still has me as "under consideration", and it was just updated again in June. My app went to them back in December of 2009 and went complete in early January. 

They've been "considering" me for 6 months! Does Chicago do this a lot? Just wondering about the trend. The other school to consider me this late admitted me.

Have you been calling them to ask about it?

Have you gotten a letter asking you to submit something extra?  Is U Chicago a safety school for you? Many schools and U Chicago in particular are known to attempt to game USNWR yield rates by not giving offers to overqualified applicants until they express some special interest in the school.  I'm only basing this on what I've been told and anecdotal evidence, but I'm fairly confident there's something like this going on.