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Looking For A Few Good Roommates In Harrisburg.

Looking For A Few Good Roommates In Harrisburg.
« on: June 29, 2010, 09:31:24 PM »
Hey All,

I am an incoming 1L to Widener Law's Harrisburg Campus and I am looking for some roommates.  To give you a quick run down on myself I have been out of undergrad for a bit and I am serious about my pursuit of a legal career.  I am funding this pursuit entirely on student loans so I intend to get my money's worth.  In my spare time I do like to do outdoors stuff like hunting, fishing, camping.  I also play poker and occassionally take a trip to A.C.  Now I am certain I won't have much time for that during my first year but I do believe that if you work hard you should also balance that out with having a life.  So this is what I am looking for in a roommate:

Quiet during the week.  Monday up till Friday is about class, reading and rereading.  Friday Night, Saturday you can get as stupid as you want up until exam time.  Sunday is recovery/getting back into gear for classes.

Serious about why you are at law school.

Reasonably clean and organized.  You don't need to be a clean freak because I am not, I just want the place presentable and not smelling like a truck stop urinal.

Pays bills on time.

On friendly terms with Jack Daniels.

So if you can live with that you can live with me no problem.  If you need any more details on me shot me a message.  We can work out whatever financial details and living arrangements.  Otherwise good luck and see you around campus.


Re: Looking For A Few Good Roommates In Harrisburg.
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2010, 12:34:59 PM »
haha...nice post.  You should be able to find a few candidates based on the description.  I'm glad you wrote it with some humor.  I usually see people just posting that they are looking for a roommate and provide no details, hoping that someone will contact them.

If you haven't posted there already, I'd recommend saying something on Facebook.  I'm sure someone has created a Widener Law 2013 page.  I joined one last year and it was nice to know of some people before I came up to Harrisburg for orientation.   

Good luck in your search.