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Sometimes I think you are retarded, Julie.

julie usually affect numbuts republicans like that.

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Hi all, I'll be a rising junior this fall at an Ivy League (not HYP), where my GPA is at a 3.55. My goal is to attend Harvard Law, so I'm banking on a 180 to pull me through. Unfortunately, I got a 150 on my first diagnostic test (took this cold). I have give or take 3 months to improve 30 points. Do you guys think this is possible? I'm taking a prep course this summer. How should I prepare, what books should I buy? Thanks all.

I find it to be possible depending on the person and their potential.  I went from a 153 to a high of 176, to a final of 173 between February and June.  If you have the mental capacity to score that high, hard work will get you there