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W&L Apartment for Incoming 1L


W&L Apartment for Incoming 1L
« on: June 28, 2010, 12:06:29 PM »
I used to post on LSD all the time, but I've since graduated and moved.  Anyway, I promised the landlady of the apartment where I lived all three years at W&L law that I would help her out finding a new tenant if she ever needed it.  The most recent tenant, who found the apartment from my post on LSD 2 years ago when I graduated and was helping her out back then, is now moving on also.  I sent her a deposit in May before the August when I moved in, having never visited the apartment, and now, in hindsight, it was a huge stroke of luck.  Anyway, it's an exceptional deal and almost impossible to beat; when I was there she charged me $550/month (2005 - 2008) and has only raised the rent to $600/month since 2008, and told me she would keep it at that; this includes:


-2 (big) bedrooms, full bath, full kitchen, big living room

-All utilities, satellite TV, parking, etc. included in the cost of rent (except for a landline phone line if you need one)

-9 month lease, with no requirement to stay in summer, but the option to do so if you wish.  She even let me keep all my stuff that I didn't need to bring with me over the summer

-All furniture, tables, silverware, plates, access to her washer/dryer, TV (with DirecTV included), dressers, etc. and all of good quality. (she said she is getting new furniture this summer for the apartment.  When I first moved in, she said "All you need to bring are your books" and I thought she was kidding, but she wasn't -- she had everything set up, down to fresh, clean linens and towels, nice dinnerware, it was amazing)

-Seclusion, quiet, and a beautiful location

-She never once raised rent on me, and apparently, hasn't raised the rent on the tenant who took the apartment after me since he moved in.


-No high speed internet; I used dial-up and paid about $19/month for a phone line.  It was no big deal to me, as I was online all day at school anyway, and the dial-up was perfectly fine for surfing the web.

-It's a basement unit, although the house is on the side of a hill, so you have multiple full-size windows, a separate entrance with a deck and patio, your own parking, and in 3 years, she never once disturbed me or invaded my privacy.  She was extremely quiet and kept to herself unless something needed to be fixed, which she always addressed immediately.  One time the freezer broke in the fridge, and within 48 hours, she had a whole new refridgerator delivered to the apartment.  This was typical of her style as a landlord.  In fact, sometimes I would leave my clothes in the washer, and I would come home to find them dried and folded perfectly.

-It's about 2.5 miles from school, and (as I had down to a science) is 7 minutes door-to-door from the apartment to a law school classroom.

If you're interested either send me a message on LSD or e-mail me at and I'll give you her contact information.