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Author Topic: Is General Mchrytal bitter? I wonder if he will write a book and do talk shows.  (Read 1142 times)


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so far just fired him from what i heard.  but he's done, he wont hold a decent command again.  he will probably retire.

"retire" for a general officer means you retain full pay and allowances, you just dont work.

or they let you run alaska.

you can see russia from there!
non ex transverso sed deorsum



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and "we have to hunt to survive" "we need to be able to be able to shoot wolves from helicopters" ::)


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Mabey he'll storm out, say he "didnt quit, just moved on to do other things" and get his supporters to arrogantly keep chanting "stop making stuff up" (as if that isnt outright admitting that is why you quit due to being picked on)