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Gpa 3.3 - too late to improve?

Gpa 3.3 - too late to improve?
« on: June 21, 2010, 06:33:09 PM »
I am in my last 60 credits for my undergraduate degree and I've been looking at the statistics for law school admission in my state and I am getting a little worried I might not make the cut. I spent my first two years in community college and didn't really take my coursework too seriously and achieved a mediocre gpa - 3.25. This is due in part to having a hard time satisfying my foreign language requirement due to coupled with some life troubles that sort of disrupted my education and forced me to drop a couple classes during the quarter and taking 0's for the class. I am doing a bit better at the university now with my university gpa at 3.57, however I realize schools will be accounting for gpa at both colleges and my community college gpa is going to drag it down pretty hard unless I can manage to get a 4.0 across the board in every class.

The main school I am looking at is the university of washington, and their admission statistics put the median gpa at 3.66 with 3.8/3.47 being the 75/25% percentiles, and 163 being the median LSAT.

I am fairly confident I can score well on the LSAT as I am a pretty smart guy and do well at test taking, so I am not too worried about hitting or surpassing the median score, but with my gpa in its current state should I start looking at alternatives for law school?

Re: Gpa 3.3 - too late to improve?
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For now I think you should focus on pulling the gpa up and getting  a steller LSAT.  Nab a high 170's and that will go a long way toward counteracting the gpa.  Also, all A's in your last year or however much time you have left will help a lot too - shows an upward trend and all that.

A backup plan is also never a bad idea, esp with the legal economy as it is, you may want/need the backup plan even if you nab all A's from here on out and a 180.

Note, I don't know anything about that school in particular, this is just general info.

good luck!


Re: Gpa 3.3 - too late to improve?
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plenty of schools will take even the GPA you already have, relax just graduate and focus on the lsat.