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Author Topic: Take what I can get this year or wait another year.  (Read 719 times)


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Take what I can get this year or wait another year.
« on: June 18, 2010, 04:08:36 AM »
I'm trying to decide if it makes sense to not go to law school this fall and instead wait and apply again next year.  I'm 168/2.3.  I'm wait listed at a couple of T2s, and got into two T3s, one offering me $15k in a city I don't particularly want to live or practice in, and another offering me no scholarship in a region I like.  I also applied sort of late in the year.

I've heard that the number of total applications were off the charts this year and was thinking that maybe I should just hold off and hope for better results next year.  On the other hand, I'm 33 and kind of want to get this show on the road.  Also, I'm currently unemployed.  I'm concerned that next year the number of applicants may be even higher since the jobless rate doesn't seem to be coming down anytime soon.

Any thoughts?


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Re: Take what I can get this year or wait another year.
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2010, 08:37:53 AM »
That's a tough one.  Look seriously at employment prospects for people graduating from the schools you are considering (*and don't go by the usnwr "employed at graduation stat as its pretty bogus).  My concern is that 3 years of law school at a T3 could easily leave you unemployed, 3 years older and toting a bunch of debt.  Sucks, but that's reality right now unless you've got a specific plan and idea of where you want to and can realistically work.
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