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Check out their attrition rates and you'll see this is not a very good school.  Avoid any Tier 4 if you can.

Oh my god attrition rates at tier 4's are mostly attributable to transfers. When looking at LSAC attrition rates look at the other compared to academic and look at the amount of students that transfer out. GGU my tier 4 has a 24% attrition rate, but 13% of that is based on people who transferred to higher ranked schools. Most of the people who did transfer out are not that happy with their decision by the way. Since the majority of themwent to Santa Clara or USF and lost out on scholarship money and still end up in the same internships or associate positions that their GGU 1L classmates did. So in the end what did transferring from a tier 2 or 82nd best school instead of a tier 4 or 122nd best school get them? Well from what I have seen for most part Santa Clara, USF, Hastings or GGU will get you to the same spot, but you can graduate from GGU with less debt than those other schools.  Considering Stanford and Berkley are right next door why care whether you go the 72 or 118th best school when Stanford or Berkley students will have dibs on any elite position. The bay area is a tough place to find a job and if you are going to struggle from any of the non-elite bay area schools you might as well get it done as cheaply as possible.

Anyways, Hardworking e stop knocking tier 4's particularly considering you have never even set foot in a law school classroom. 

HardWorking, I'm not trying to be mean/rude when I say this, but why are you here? You keep posting the same thing over and over again, and you are not a law student or a lawyer, so it's not based on your own experience.  Maybe there are other things we could all discuss. Or are you are attempting to frustrate others so that they will argue with you?

I'll start: HardWorking, what area of the law were you interested in pursuing?


they have the biggest billboards.


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