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This school is nothing but a papermill.  Look at their attrition rate and tell me you don't agree.  Capital rarely hires Professors from Tier 4 schools, except their own and that is only if that Professor was top of their class, has an extra degree, or attended a spectacular school for undergrad.  If you are looking at eventually working as a Law Professor, stay far away from this place.  I have a friend who graduated from a top 50 school and still can't find a job.  She had incredible grades with a prestigious law school name behind her yet, she can't find a job.  If you plan on living and working outside of Columbus, particularly outside of Ohio, go somewhere where people won't ask you "Where?" when you tell them you are looking at applying to or attending law school.  Let this be your absolute last choice.


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Oh my god dude look at any schools attrition rates and notice the other vs academic numbers. The majority of the other transfers finished in the top 10% of their class and transferred to higher ranked schools and did not fail out. Believe or not no law school is set on destroying your life and none have a mandatory kick out rate. Use common sense and ask yourself why would a school want to kick out their students considering you are paying them. ABA schools do have a duty to kick people out that can't pass the bar though and that is why there is some attrition. From my experience at a tier 4 nobody who actually put the work in was kicked out. A few people who went out every other night and didn't put in any work shockingly failed out, but anyone who actually studied is still here.

Hardworking has never set foot in a law school classroom and has no idea what he is talking about. Is Harvard a better school than Capitol or Cooley it sure as hell as is. However, no ABA school is set on destroying your life, but the legal profession is hard and some people regret the choice to go to law school even if they went to a T-14 school. 

When choosing a law school be sure it is something you REALLY want to do and be concerned of the massive amounts of debt you will into.  If you simply saw an episode of law and order then decided to go to law school do a bit more research, but if you really want to be a  lawyer you need to go to law school.  How it turns out for anyone staring school there is no way to know. Some people from Cooley have great careers and I am sure there is a Harvard Grad who has never passed the bar.

Bottom line is law school is a lot of work and there is no guarantee of anything just like any form of education. If you are going to any law school except for maybe Harvard, Yale, etc then there are probably not going to be employers begging you to work for them. You are going to have to go out and make it happen for yourself, but it can and has been done. 

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how is this school for southerners and is it worth going to if you are from out of state