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Satisfied First Year Student
« on: June 08, 2010, 01:20:35 PM »
I just finished my 1L at GGU and did quite well academically and got several internship offers. I thought the professors were great particularly Jon Sylvester he is far and away the best professor I have ever had in my life.  The students are friendly and everybody is willing to help each other out. None of the bogus rumors that they kick out 25% of the class are true. The reason for the high attrition are transfers and the fact that some people literally don't do the work and get kicked out. You can look at the curve and see there are no mandatory D's or F's and 90% of the class can get an A or B so the curve is quite lenient. Check the student handbook for this and you will see they do not want to kick people out. GGU does everything they can to help you, but some people are just freaking lazy and you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. I don't know anybody that failed out, but I do know some people on academic probation. The majority of them go out every night and look on the internet the entire class if they show up at all. With this behavior it is not surprising they are on probation and if they get kicked out they deserved it for the most part. I know one guy that did work really hard and ended up in academic probation first semester, but he did well enough to make it second year. I am sure some other people fall under that category and may have failed out also. However, in 90% of cases if you do the work you will be ok.

Clearly GGU is not Stanford or Harvard and the OCI is somewhat lacking. However, the admissions staff were honest with me when I visited and said employers will not roll out the red carpet for you, which is true. However,  if you go out there and actually apply for internships etc you will get responses. I currently have an internship where I work with people from Hastings, Santa Clara, USF, and a lot of the bay area schools.  A lot of the lawyers there went to GGU and I really think law school no matter where you go is what YOU make of it.  Really if you get outside of the top 20 or so schools the rankings become less and less relevant.