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PT 59/Section 2/Question 18

PT 59/Section 2/Question 18
« on: June 04, 2010, 12:51:35 PM »
Hello y'all

I know this is my firt time posting on this forum but please no hazing, i.e. having fun at my expense (especially so close to test day : (  .... I'm having trouble explaining an answer choice away so hopefully some of you might be able to help me ... I'm going to be posting two more questions from this section as well because Section 2 from PT 59 owned me ... Regardless, here is where I stand ...

For those of you who aced this question 18 or felt confident in selecting the right answer choice, how did you get around 18 C) ?

I originally picked C) though when I was reviewing it I can see why D) was correct ... However, I still don't completley understand why C) is incorrect ...

For me, the statement about "human food-producing ... " either helped to support Malthus's position (or at least part of it) or as C) suggests, the author meant to suggest that the aforementioned statement helped to support Malthus's position because it seemed to intereact with the statement "Yet, agricultural ... " in a way that tiggered the author's conclusion ... this in spite of the fact taht the 1st sentence clearly states that "human food-producing ... " clashes with (parts of) Malthus's argument ...

Would C) have been correct if it had stated "It is an observation that the argument suggest actually supports part of Malthus's position" ?