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I'm a very lucky recent law school graduate, who, despite terrible grades in law school and having not even taken the Bar exam yet, managed to get a dream job in the exact niche of law I always wanted to practice in.  The law firm is small, relatively new, and I'm the only legal intern.  I take the bar in July and the firm even paid for a review course for me.  I love the people I work for, but I'm constantly in fear.  I have so much anxiety and lack of confidence because I feel like I must have gotten this job by pure luck or some kind of cosmic mistake.  They are well-known and highly respected within our area for being the best at this particular niche of law.  They are always having law students and recent grads offering to work for them for free even (just for the experience).  I'm not sure why they hired me or why they've kept me for almost a year now.  Is it possible they just don't have the heart to fire me?  They say I do good or even great work, but that I'm slow and I don't take enough initiative to anticipate what they need before they ask for it. 

I want to take more initiative, but I'm paralized with apprehension and lack of confidence.  Is this normal?  Does anyone else feel extremely stressed out about not living up to their employer's expectations?  or do I just need therapy or something?

how can they be well know if they are new? ???

Well known by name, not by firm.  Lawyers in this area change firms all the time. I mean, as far as I've seen, lawyers get reputations that travel with them, regardless of what firm they work for (especially in specialized areas of law).

I imagine everybody is scared I know I have been at any job I had when I started out. I think if they are paying you money then they will let you know if your not doing a good job. If you were an unpaid intern then maybe they are being nice, but considering they have given you money to take the bar and apparently are paying you a salary you must be doing a good job.  No employer likes to waste money in any industry on someone that's not getting it done and a law firm in particular Iwill let you know your doing a bad job by laying you off/firing you.

Thanks.  I guess you're right.  It is a business after all. 


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