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Where are the answers for February 1999 LSAT? 2nd LR Section? Anyone?

I have the sections for this test but for some reason I don't have the answers, and I want to grade it and find out how I did. Does anyone know where I can find the answers? Or anyone here have them? Please let me know, thanks!


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If you obtained that section legitimately you should have been provided the answer key.  That test is from the LSAT SuperPrep book, which contains the answer key.  Otherwise, the only way to legitimately get a licensed copy of a section of that test is by being an enrolled student in a prep class that licenses LSAT tests from LSAC since that test is not published in any commercial book one can buy except the LSAC LSAT SuperPrep.

FYI, it's not a good idea to indicate that you are violating copyrights and to solicit others to do the same on LSAT related discussion boards.  LSAC and many others in the LSAT prep world that play by the rules (that means people and organizations that hand over $$$ to LSAC for a license to get and use the copyrighted materials) watch and monitor the boards, and we don't much like cheaters, thieves or intellectual property pirates. 

You can get a copy of the SuperPrep book for around $20, it is a great resource and well worth the $$$.  It contains three LSAT tests (including the one you need the answer key for) and detailed explanations for every question in those tests.  Please keep your ethics intact while you seek admission to LS.