Law School Discussion

Make sure you CALL LSAC and put some fire under them about your LORs!

One LOR was mailed last week Monday, I figure it takes 3 days for it to get there and a day or two to process if they are working like they should.  Called Monday to figure out why it wasn't showing up, and they tried to say it should be up on my account by Thursday.

Now I check today and the 2nd time I checked it's showing up.

Which means they could have had it done already and it likely would have sat there til Thursday and beyond had I not called and made it urgent.

Have your LSAC account number ready, and don't let them take more than 1.5 weeks from when you mailed it to get it up there!

They do take faxes but I didn't know that, I thought they needed to see my original signature on the sight waiver cover sheet and the professor's original signature on his paper.  If I had known that I woulda just scanned and emailed a signed cover sheet to all the recommenders instead of mailing them.  At least mailing protects from a fax getting lost in the works if ink or paper runs out of their fax.  I am not taking any chances.