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I'm most likely going to FCSL this Fall, unless Marquette or Tennessee takes me from their waiting list.

Just curious to see if anybody else was planning on going there.

Looking forward to it.  Anyone else? 

Yes,  I will also be attending FCSL in August.  Has anyone heard any details about orientation yet?

Just want to give you guys some encouragement and let you know the best intern in our office goes to FCSL. He is a really cool dude and likes it there a lot. Well good luck to you guys.

I just finished my 1L year at FCSL and am willing to try to answer any questions you all have.

If your orientation is like the one last year, you'll watch a bunch of videos on youtube at home and then meet at FCSL for a 1 day orientation where they will give you a tour, the heads of the different sections of the school will give presentations, etc.


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