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PT19,S2,Q24 (June 1996 last question of first logical reasoning section)

Hi. I just signed up to this forum and looked through about 40 pages of posts to look for an answer, but I haven't found it so far.

On preptest 19, section 2, question 24,

I can see why B is a good answer choice, but I can't determine why A is not a good answer. If committees are successful in producing results, it seems logical that increasing the number of committees will produce more results, which makes A acceptable to me.

Also, I would very much appreciate it if someone could diagram the conditional reasoning in this question, if conditional reasoning exists in this question.

Thank you.

Wow. Thank you!  I can't believe I racked my brain for hours because I misread the answers. It might be time to take a day off from the studying.  :)