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So the only thing that bothers you about the ugly stupid people is the fact that they breed successfully?  You are so WEIRD!  I think you saw that movie "Idiocracy" one too many times.  You have a point albeit a sorta messed up one. 

I would argue that anyone who has the wherewithal to get through their undergrad degree and complete a law school application has by definition above average intelligence when compared with the general population.  As the saying goes "Better to be at the bottom of a latter you do want to climb than at the top of one you don't".  Do you really begrudge people a chance to prove themselves in law school?  The bar exam tends to winnow out the weak and unsuited.  Life and Law is not a zero/sum game.  Someone else's loss is not necessarily your gain.  At least, you will not directly benefit from a more limited number of lawyers.  There is too much ideology in your ideas.     

I don't need to kill myself. I just needed a day or two to finish up my duties. Yeah, you hate the smart ones alright. Here is a tip, instead of hating them, why not either A) be smart, or B) get out of law?

Wham! Wham!  I love you guys for your passion and energy here.  Though I have to side against sonofapickle because he is so weird and nasty.  If it were not for people like sonofapickle we would never have anything to talk about on LSD so for that...I thank you!
 I must ask, why do you dislike "stupid" people so much?  Is it just lesser intelligence that bugs?  Do poor people bother you?  Do ugly people bother you too?   

I dislike ugly and stupid people as they do not produce smart and beautiful people. Look at the crime statistics, an ugly child is more than likely to be raped by an ugly human. Those are the facts. Ugly children tend to be favored by natural selection because they breed more humans due their ugliness is what gives them a sense of, "this is it, I better breed more children." Smart, pretty people tend to have less babies than an ugly one. Natural selection does not favor pretty and smart people.