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People keep claiming asians aren't URM's but then why would the ABA themselves go out of their way to add them to their OFFICAL list of what is an URM?

more at

Those wondering what's considered a URM for law school purposes...I would guess it's the minorities they track, as shown here:


Re: Asians-URM
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I'll be nice, but it's a decent question and worth asking. I hope by makeing a new thread just for it specicly it(and in the minority section) it won't be mistaken for a "flame".

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(-;}: Please stop starting flame wars. I'm tired of locking threads. 


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Re: Asians-URM
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2010, 10:54:54 PM »
I'm marrying an Asian with an LLB who speaks 4 languages fluently and I'm a US attorney. Incidentally I'm living in her country where whites are definitely a huge minority - so for now I'm a URM.

Anyway, they are URM and since they typically do very well in school, they should receive a huge affirmative action boost because they beat the pants off almost everybody (yes, my fiancee is very smart - although she continuously denies she's smarter than me). In other words, they don't need URM status because they are typically so academically proficient. Meritocracy suits them well - as it should everybody IMHO - but if people insist on AA, give it to them in huge doses.