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Beat Law School by Michael West

Beat Law School by Michael West
« on: May 10, 2010, 03:07:33 PM »
I noticed some questions on the forum about what books to read to prepare for law school and I sincerely recommend Beat Law School by Michael West, which parts with much of mainstream wisdom about how to approach law school.

As a law school grad and current attorney, I wish I had known what the book contains early in my law school career. It calls into question the decision to go to law school altogether, which is especially relevant in today's market.

I think it's a good investment, and having bought Planet Law School and Law School Confidential and a myriad of books about exam taking, Beat Law School is the only law school book I can honestly recommend. My fellow attorneys agree, as hindsight is always 20/20.

Good Luck.

Here's the link:

Re: Beat Law School by Michael West
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2010, 01:02:33 AM »
Valalawyer -

Most interesting.  I've not read this book, but if you'd be willing to exchange a copy for one of mine, I'd be happy to share notes.  You can even have your pick: Law School: Getting In, Getting Good, Getting the Gold (which, granted, might be a bit beyond your needs or interest), or The Young Lawyer's Jungle Book: A Survival Guide.

I also have a copy of Morten Lund's superb book for new attorneys, Jagged Rocks of Wisdom: Professional Advice for the New Attorney, and his second book, Jagged Rocks of Wisdom--The Memo: Mastering the Legal Memorandum.  His two books would save dozens of migraines, and most likely a job.  Highly recommended for anyone before they start their first clerkship, much less first full-time law job.

In any event, I'd be most interested in West's take on an unconventional appproach.  (He's no relation to the publishers, I assume.  = :  )


Re: Beat Law School by Michael West
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Here's a book that might sound a bit off-the-wall, but I think it should be read by every new law student.  Perhaps even by the most hardened Type A out there.  In fact, maybe especially by the most hardened Type A.  = :  )

It's The Slacker's Guide to Law School.  Did I tell you?  It's certainly not a comprehensive guide as others are, but it has some invaluable advice.  

I love its back cover.  One line goes something like . . .

“My first year of law school, I lived in an apartment complex that housed only first-year law students. Living there was exhausting; it was like Melrose Place…but with ugly people, really boring plot lines, and far too little sex."

Have to smile every time I think about that.  It's a funny book, and surprisingly useful in telling a new law student what not to do--sometimes by reverse object lesson.

Hope this helps,